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Data cleaning is essentially making data fit for purpose, maximising deliverability, reducing financial wastage and ensuring moral compliance and compliance to industry legislation. For example we can correct address structure, track address movers, remove duplicates and suppress people who have died. In addition to postal address cleaning we offer email address validation, correction and appending.

Deduplication-Name & Address Enhancements-Validate contacts and emails-Gone Away Processing-Preference Service Screening-Telephone Number Appending.

From research the more you know and understand about what your customers and prospects think the better placed you are to make the right decisions about how to serve them better, but it's far more than that. In fact, that knowledge is critical to your company's success.

Competitor analysis-List Building-Satisfaction surveys-Mystery Shopping-Market segmentation-New product research

An event invitation document alone does not guarantee that a good attendance is achieved at an exhibition, seminar, workshop or other type of function. Therefore, if you have an event planned reduce the risk of failure and maximise the chances of success by having CBS complete an event promotion / confirmation campaign for you. We would assist you by generating additional decision-making attendees to your event via the telephone. As well as calling potential delegates that have been sent details we can also undertake extra cold calling. Plus, we can contact all confirmed bookings before the event to ensure the greatest possible attendance, and then call attendees (and non attendees) afterwards with an appointment setting campaign, should this be desired.

More than 70 % of all inbound telephone calls can be effectively handled without the knowledge of an expert which means that your employees are spending a lot of time with a work that can be handled from the CBS team. In many years we have gained a diversified knowledge in the telecommunication sector that helps you to save time and to concentrate on your core business. Our professional team of call center agents will handle quickly, reliably and friendly the incoming calls of your customers or prospects. Every call stands for your company's values. With modern techniques and competent employees, CBS offers an individualized possibility to work for your company and therefore to save time and money.