Lead Generation & Research

Property Marketing

Companies need to make a profit to succeed, grow and, more than anything, survive. That's why Lead Generation is one of the most important things your sales team will ever do. Without a regular influx of new prospects, who will you sell your products and services to?

Every business exists to sell something, whether it's a product, service or both. Without leads, sales would quickly dry up. If sales in your company are not at the level you want them to be, then you need to address how to attract and qualify your leads. We recommend lead generation by phone as the best way of sourcing leads for your business usually in combination with direct mail or online marketing. Not only can the people on the phone built a rapport with potential customers, but it's more direct than spamming someone's inbox with emails or direct mail alone.

There are enough choices for consumers these days, that if they can't find what they want with you, they'll have no problem going to a different company. Lead generation with online and phone combined allows you to tentatively build relationships with both hot and cold leads, so that when you do have an offer than will interest a consumer, you'll already have the groundwork in place, which will make sales easier.

We have developed and implemented campaigns and strategies for small companies with just one or two in sales, right up to PLC's and worldwide brands. Our team has proven success in marketing, particularly in tough market conditions.We can act as consultants, as part of your marketing team, do test work to establish your own department or even be your marketing department.