Sales Pipeline Development

Sales Pipeline

Fundamentally, a sales pipeline is a process consisting of the multiple steps that it takes to steer your leads through from initial contact to deal closure. It's important to consider the sales pipeline in the context of your wider growth strategy: it's there not just to help push leads from one stage to the next, but to help your company fulfill its wider objectives.

So when it comes to building and adapting your pipeline,getting the sales pipeline mapped is the key to successful content delivery for lead generation. Who are you targeting? What are the problems these people face? Timely information presented in the right way to the right people according to each of these factors. The use of automation to help keep prospects moving along the sales pipeline from awareness to purchase are just 2 solutions of many.

Empty or leaking pipeline need a fix too. Deals that were once on the table disappear, new leads aren't coming in as fast as they once did - your sales pipeline is starting to dry up. Stay calm and work towards a solution. In any business, some months are quiet and others are tough to keep up with - much like the ebb and flow of a tide.

CBS can help you define your objectives and targets, quantify the size and value of your target market identify the distinct steps you will need in your particular pipeline, define the specific objective of each step and analyse what's happening in your pipeline to inform future growth-related decisions.