Database Services


Business data degrades on average at a rate of approximately 30% per year. Inaccurate and irrelevant data in your business database will cost you time and money.

Is the database that you use to communicate with your current and prospective customers fit for purpose? Is it old and tired and badly in need of refreshment? Are there huge chunks of your market missing? Have many of the contact names you currently hold gone missing? People can change their contact information, their address, their main email, and the company they work for. These situations can occur and when you try to look for them you unfortunately fail to get through to them. Managing and updating your Database is essential if you want to sustain your business.

CBS enable clients to maximise marketing effectiveness by building, maintaining and using accurate prospect and customer data.

We source precisely targeted data. We build upon your database by adding new companies that match your target market. We clean your data to increase its profit making potential. Enhance your data to enable more precise targeting. We analyse your data to help you understand your present data and then target new customers.