Contact & Relationship Management


Now that you have accurate, complete database you can build an accurate profile of your best customers and use their characteristics to identify other businesses that look just like them, making them ideal prospects. You can also look for businesses that have some characteristics in common as they may prove to be valuable new target markets.

A properly segmented business database can improve your marketing results by enabling you to uncover your best target markets and deliver targeted messages to the specific audiences. The outcome will mean higher response rates from your marketing campaigns, enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.

There are a myriad of CRM packages out there and many are customisable to business objectives and needs but consider this before making a decision :-CRM is an acronym for "customer relationship management" we prefer to use the term PCM "prospect contact management" could be or should be both depending on your company aspirations.

These systems are often implemented poorly usually because of initial multi department involvement at planning, being initially too complex or implementation being too quick without testings and reviews, this is where CBS can help.